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What is TeleCIMT?

TeleCIMT is a three-week home-based Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) program developed by an international group of therapists experienced in CIMT. Your home is the most relevant place to increase use of your weaker arm.

Is TeleCIMT suitable for me?

TeleCIMT has been designed for people over the age of 18 who have a neurological condition such as stroke, resulting in weakness of one arm. It targets people who have learned to depend on their stronger arm in everyday life, but have the potential to increase the use of their weaker arm. Your therapist will screen you for suitability for the program including checking whether you have enough movement. If you are able to pick up an object with your weaker hand and let it go again onto a table at least three times in one minute, you may be eligible for the program. You will need access to a device for video calls, e.g. a laptop.




















What support will I receive?

You’ll work together with a named ‘supporter’.  This could be a partner, family member or friend, who wants to help you in your recovery. 

The program requires the guidance of a qualified physiotherapist and or occupational therapist who will provide support via tele-rehabilitation sessions (video calls).  These calls take place regularly throughout the program, and as they are home-based, you’ll save time on travelling to hospital and clinic appointments.

How does a TeleCIMT program run?

The program runs five days a week for three weeks with mitt-wearing for six hours a day to restrict the use of your stronger arm. 

During this time, you’ll work intensively on chosen activities that tackle the specific movement problems you and your therapist identify.


The program requires commitment from both you and your supporter, but the concentrated hard work you put in over just three weeks will give you the chance of improving your arm use and the confidence you have in your abilities.

​Further information and TeleCIMT resources required for the program can be found here


About TeleCIMT for Participants

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