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TeleCIMT Participant & Supporter Program Resources

Welcome to the TeleCIMT participant and supporter resources! Please find a copy of your ‘TeleCIMT preparation pack’ below on this page. The pack includes everything you and your supporter need to learn about your TeleCIMT program to help you prepare for it successfully. Your therapist will ensure you are provided with a copy of the pack before your TeleCIMT assessment. You can also download it directly.

Work through the TeleCIMT preparation pack in your own time, at your own pace, where possible with your supporter. You will be directed to links of short videos about the various elements of TeleCIMT. Take the time to watch the videos (with the sound turned up). Complete the work sheets provided in the preparation pack before your TeleCIMT assessment. Going through the pack will take around one hour in total.

Shortly before your program starts, your therapist will provide you with your ‘TeleCIMT program pack’. This pack will be tailored to you and contains all the paperwork required for your TeleCIMT program, such as sheets to record your daily progress. You can see a blank copy of the ‘Program pack' below.

Please note that these resources are formatted with Word and therefore may not appear correctly on your mobile device.  

"A year from now, you may wish you started today"

- Karen Lamb

TeleCIMT brochure
Aphasia-friendly brochure
Participant packs
TeleCIMT packs

**Top tip**

Aim to have a dedicated area

for your TeleCIMT practice and equipment

Optional Excel spreadsheet for recording shaping repetitions:
Excel shaping.png
Use the videos on the following link to help you see how your TeleCIMT program might run:

"I treated it like my job for the duration of the program"

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